10 of the most AMAZING Workaway experiences!

Earlier in the year we showed you ‘5 of the most fantastical Workaway destinations’ but since then we have had hundreds of new hosts join, so we just couldn’t help putting together a new list. These ones come from all over the globe, maybe some destinations you hadn’t even heard of, and definitely some experiences you didn’t know existed. Add them to your bucket list, add them to your to-do list, who are we kidding? Go and contact them right now.

1. Grow Strawberries in Iceland

destination workaway volunteer
Ice and Strawberries? Sounds like a winning combination to me. Help grow strawberries for the Icelandic market, and maybe some for yours and the family’s dinner? Strawberry ice cream, Strawberry milkshake, frozen strawberries, the list goes on.
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2. Live in a Bedouin community in Jordan

jordan Bedouin wadi rum
Live with traditional Bedouin families and experience their cultures while showing tourists the natural beauty of desert Wadi Rum in Jordon. All you need in exchange are some computer skills to help them with their website!
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3. Live on a boat in Hong Kong Harbour

hong kong junk boat skills
And you’ll have 2 cats as your house mates! Away from the skyscrapers and craziness lies this traditional Chinese houseboat waiting to welcome you. In return, you would give your skills with web design, graphic design or boat maintenance.
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4. Help on a beach bar in the paradise island of Montserrat

monserrat snorkel dive travel
Did we mention it was for an underwater adventure company? They may need your help with snorkelling and free diving tours too. Hmm, let’s just think about this one. We’re in!
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5. Become a Yoga teacher in Nicaragua

nicaragua yoga volunteer exchange
Wild animals, tropical fruit and ancient trees await you in this Central American paradise. You will also need to ride horses and paint. Think you can do that? If meditation wasn’t already a part of your life, it seems you won’t leave here without it being a part. Peace and tranquility to the max.
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6. Help build a luxury dog vacation resort on the island of Aruba

Aruba caribbean dog dream
Because dogs deserve the best too! Save abandoned pups and nurse them back to health on this stunning island in the Caribbean sea.
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7. Help in the Amazon Rainforest in French Guyana

French guyana eco lodge rainforest
Canoe rides, stand up paddling in the creek, forest walks and helping with Chinese medicine treatments. All while living in the Amazon Rainforest. Once in a lifetime? We think so.
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8. Become a blogger in a surf camp in Morocco

morocco surfcamp culture
Blog everything about surfing, spend your days on the beach, create lasting memories. Oh and they are also looking for a yoga teacher.
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9. Be a teacher while watching humpback whales in Tonga

tonga whale watching
Move around the 176 islands of Tonga while teaching 2 children whose parents run a business taking people swimming with humpback whales. Is that even real life?
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10. Lead tours of a chocolate farm in Panama

panama indigenous chocolate farm community
Let us just get this right, you want us to show people around a chocolate farm on the beautiful island of Bocas Del Toro? Where do we join the queue? You also get the privilege of teaching children from the local indigenous community and being a part of a jungle eco-lodge.
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And yes…there’s a big world out there waiting for you, your life isn’t going to live itself!

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