Delicious and simple recipes for travellers around the world

Cooking while travelling is not just a great way to save money, but it also connects us to those around us! So join us as we explore some of the most delicious, simple, and culturally relevant meals and treats. Let's get cooking!

Marine conservation, sea sculptures and coastal cleanup in Norway!

A free-diving instructor, a sailor, a sculpture and a farmer - Børje is the host of a sculpture Workaway experience that works to save the environment! Whether by raising awareness with creative sculptures or actively removing marine pollution off the coast of Norway, he aims to make a real difference.

Why Travelling Brings True Happiness Not Buying Things

Ever wondered why when you first see something new and shiny, it’s all you could’ve ever wanted...until it’s not? The more we buy, the more we want, whereas experiences become memories we’ll almost always get to keep. Memories that stay with us over the years, and age with us as we grow! Often giving us a brighter outlook on life and the stories we tell when we’re older.