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5 Reasons to do a Workaway when you are retired

We recently interviewed Workawayers of the Month, The Ainleys, where Sue told us about quitting her job to travel to Mexico and do a Workaway project at the age of 56, and we couldn’t help but feel incredibly inspired by her passion for life and travel. We also recently highlighted Keith Wright, the world’s ‘oldest backpacker’ at the age of 95 in our ‘Travel Has No Limit’ article. You see, travel and volunteering have no expiry date, so we wanted to provide 5 little reasons why you should consider using Workaway when you are living in the ‘golden years’ after you’ve retired.
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You’ve worked hard all your life… Now you’re retired?

Let’s be honest, the last 40 odd years have been work, kids, work, kids..are we right? Now it’s time to DO YOU. The kids have left home, work is over and the world has never been so accessible. There’s no time like the present to start ticking off those countries and activities you’ve always said you would visit or do. How about checking out ‘10 of the most AMAZING Workaway experiences’?
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You can travel more slowly and fuller

With less commitments and more time you can afford to travel more slowly and really take in your surroundings. Gone are the week long vacations close to your home country, instead you have the opportunity to travel to places further afield. Need some inspiration? Have a look at these books that will give you wanderlust.

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You have so many skills to share and make a difference

After all “to be older and wiser you first have to be young and stupid”. You’ve learnt from your mistakes, you know what works, you’ve seen breakups, make ups and everything in between – people trust you. Is it time to go out and help those in need?

Join forces with your kids and make memories for life

Never before has the ‘older’ generation had such ease of accessibility to travel. Flights are taking off every second of the day and you can now get to the other side of the world in a matter of hours. This is an amazing opportunity to do something with your kids/ grandkids that you never had the chance to do with your parents. Why not go on a Workaway with the whole family? Show those kids how it’s done!
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Your money goes further

Travel is cheap – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise – you’d be so surprised at how inexpensive flights and accommodation are now. If you live in a first world country it is more than likely cheaper to go and live abroad now than it is to pay for a high mortgage, fuel, groceries and everything else that is more expensive in your home country. Could long-term travel and volunteering be an option?
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While volunteering through Workaway is for those from all walks of life, we really feel that with low pensions, high taxes and over-worked employees, retirees should take this opportunity to travel the world and spread their knowledge and love. So, where’s your next destination?

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  1. Janine French says:

    This is very encouraging to read. I have brrfn thinking about work away for some time now & thought I might be too old (51) but think I have lots to offer so will be seriously considering work away now as there are so many places I would like to travel to.

  2. Cobie Hönicke says:

    Inspired! Time to sleep now (South Africa), but when morning comes, I will do some further research on this! Kissed the corporate world goodbye 4 months ago, 45, single, kids at university and passport ready…

  3. Anita Edmondson says:

    Yip I did it at 56 but with my 2 son’s 16 25 one year 20 countries 6 Continents and at times dam difficult year of my life …..would I do it again DAM STRAIGHT I am so unsettled back in N Z and are desperate to go off again mmmm boys doing their own thing sadly so I’ll be on my own ….I’m looking for ideas re tours companions work away to keep me busy and costs down ….⭕⭕ any ideas I’d gladly appreciate ⭕⭕⭕ look out for my book next year on my past year with my son’s it will be a doozy ➿ I Touched A Tigers Testicle ➿

  4. Joanna and Chris
    Joanna and Chris says:

    We did it too! For the past fifteen months we have travelled around the World, visited 20 countries and 23 hosts, staying for 2 to 4 weeks in each country. It was AMAZING, we had a wonderful time. The trip far exceeded our expectations and we met some lovely people. We arrived as strangers and left as friends. We are both 57 so go do it!


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