5 Workaway experiences to give back to the world

You all know by now how Workaway works and the benefits of volunteering compared to aimless travel, so we won’t go on about that again, but sometimes it’s just nice to highlight some of the 21,000+ hosts we now have online – especially the ones that are really making a difference to our planet and are giving back to the local communities. So this post is to recognize the unsung heroes of our world and let them know how awesome we think they are!

1. An academy educating orphans and children from disadvantaged backgrounds in rural Kenya

This new charity opened in January 2014, is educating orphans and children from disadvantaged backgrounds in rural Kenya. Their primary objective is to give the children the best education possible and work with their guardians/parents to help enable them to become financially self-sustaining with various projects. The academy is situated in the rural Central Highlands of Kenya outside a very small village called Kambirwa and about 6kms from the nearest town called Murang’a. The primary school currently has five classes with 100 pupils, 6 teachers and three staff as well as sponsoring 35 pupils to a free education and healthcare.
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2.Contribute your talent for a better life of disadvantage women in Hanoi

An Not For Profit Organisation that support vulnerable single mothers at risk of abuse, disempowerment and displacement (many also face a range of other severe difficulties like disability and HIV/AIDS) within society by providing social services like psychological support, vocational training as tailors and stable employment with the Elsa & Rose fashion label as well as English teaching for them and their children. All profits into the organisation go towards supporting their social service and vocational training programs. They trained 37 women in 2014-2015, organised online support for 60 thousand members and hosted 12 offline sessions to provide psychology advice for a mental wellness in 2015. The direct aid program supported 8 teenagers with hospital fees, food & accommodation in emergency; we supported 7 disable single mothers with wheelchairs, eyes operation, repair house, and provided scholarship for 30 of their children but this is just the tip of the iceberg.
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3. Sea turtle Conservation project in Pacuare beach, Costa Rica

This non-government organization that operates in Costa Rica with Indigenous Communities, Sea Turtle Conservation, Volunteering and Teaching opportunities is helping to create an environments where humans and sea turtles can live together in balance. They believe that connecting people with nature, hands-on experiences, education, and local community involvement can really make a difference for endangered sea turtles and help reduce the threats these animals are facing today.
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4.Help a disaster response team with clearing, repair and construction after the cyclone in Fiji

All Hands Volunteers is the world’s leading disaster relief organization powered by volunteers. Volunteers here work together to rebuild hope alongside local residents and partners in the aim for communities to be restored and lives transformed. They are currently rehabilitating toilets in the Tailevu Province to ensure safe access for all after the recent cyclone in Fiji.
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5. Volunteer with a theatre and cultural centre in a Palestinian refugee camp

This amazing theatre and cultural centre in Jenin Refugee Camp, occupied Palestine believe that the arts have a crucial role to play in building a free and healthy society, and their contribution to that is a unique programme of activities in performing arts and multimedia, including theatre and drama, filmmaking, photography and creative writing. They stage professional theatre productions, hold amateur drama workshops and run a three-year educational program in acting. They also offer training in photography and publishing books, photography exhibitions and short films. Through professional training within the fields of theatre and multimedia the theatre has substantially increased local artistic capacity and developed an extensive network of partners and supporters in Occupied Palestine and throughout the world.
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