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Why Travelling Brings True Happiness Not Buying Things

Ever wondered why when you first see something new and shiny, it’s all you could’ve ever wanted…until it’s not? The more we buy, the more we want, whereas experiences become memories we’ll almost always get to keep. Memories that stay with us over the years, and age with us as we grow! Often giving us a brighter outlook on life and the stories we tell when we’re older.

10 Best Destinations For Solo Female Travellers

Just you and the ‘open road’ and there’s nothing quite like it! Being in a new country all by yourself may seem daunting at first- but it’ll be worthwhile when you get to meet new people and make life-long memories. Here are some of our favourite safe countries for solo-female travel so you can start planning your trip!

The Best Ways To Find Ridiculously Cheap Flights

Travelling the world is an exciting experience that brings us life in a more vibrant way, but getting to your destination isn’t always that affordable!
We know there are many age-old tips and tricks to finding cheap flight deals, but for you, we’ve gathered some of the smartest ways to find the BEST flight.