Building a Sustainable Cob House in Ecuador

cob house

An example of a cob house

This recently came to our attention, and is interesting and inspiring in equal measures. The author of this blog is workawaying on a project near Quito in Ecuador, helping to build a house made from cob. I didn’t know what cob was, but it’s all informatively explained here.

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  1. Grace
    Grace says:

    Thanks for re-posting this! It was pretty interesting stuff that hopefully will give workaway hosts (or guests) some inspiration 🙂

  2. Hansel S.
    Hansel S. says:

    Hi there, we loved the post! We are located in Tumbaco and would love to visit this site and give a helping hand as well as, give an update, make a video or whatever else we can do.
    Let us know how we can help.



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  1. […] Cob and adobe are both mixtures of clay, sand and straw, in differing proportions; cob is used wet, whereas adobe is usually formed into bricks and dried before being used to build. Personally I love working with earth, and cob is especially fun because it is well adapted to moulding into decorative internal or external features or for making benches and other smaller structures – a great skill to learn even if you have no plans to build your own house! (See our earlier article about cob houses) […]

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