Being on the road certainly gives you plenty of stories to tell, here we are showing some of those travelling stories from the Workaway community

Five solo female travellers to inspire your next adventure!

Imagine giving up your normal routine and taking a chance at something new? What about travelling around the world for two years straight? Here are some amazing women who inspire us all to take that jump and make our travel dreams come true!

What is it like to fall in love through Workaway?

“Workaway might not be designed as a “matchmaker” business, but it certainly worked wonders for me!“ Read all about this couple who met through Workaway and have been exploring the world and volunteering together ever since!

Go for your passions like Alice and see how life surprises you!

Going for your dreams or something you’re passionate about is not always that simple or easy - but nowadays with such a big world and lots places to see, there’s more opportunity than ever to take that leap of faith and go for your dreams! Alice shares with us how she took this leap for herself by following her passion, that eventually led her to finding true love...

They Call Me Obruni- Finding a Sense of Belonging While Travelling

I stand out. Like a sore thumb. Like a neon glow stick against a moonless midnight sky. Will I ever truly belong? Can I ever truly belong? I have been a foreigner many times. Yet, this is the first time being a foreigner has been so obvious to me and everyone else, too. It’s the first time I’ve felt an unshakeable sense of vulnerability and loss of anonymity.
olive oil harvest

Discovering Real Food and Olive Oil in Puglia with Workaway

Workawayers from the USA learning about food culture, harvesting olives and making olive oil the traditional way in the boot of Italy. Yum!

Ecotourism: lessons from our Thai jungle adventure

Workawayer Anna & Andrea's agreement with their host was to create a website and a marketing campaign for their Ecotourism project in exchange for a place to sleep, food, and the possibility to try out the attractions they organise. They started trekking in the jungle then across the waterfalls and bamboo rafting; then the time came for camping at the mountain top, for a sunrise bath in the hot spring and, best of all, for a trip to Ratchaprapha dam, one of the most beautiful places in the world...
solo trip

How Workaway Enriched My Solo Trip to France

What I couldn’t know then was that my first Workaway solo trip would teach me important lessons that I still rely on several years, and many Workaways later. Whether you’re considering your first solo trip with Workaway or your thirtieth, I hope you’ll find them valuable too.
Maori Workaway

Maori Workaway on Waiheke - Wandering and also Wondering

Read about Workawayers Carissa and Danielle's experience helping out and integrating in a Maori household and community on Waiheke in New Zealand
no motorised vehicles

Chris' 5,000 Miles and 8 Months on Foot and Bicycle

Read about an epic trip by bicycle the length of New Zealand and a hike along the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine in the USA with the ambition to use no motorised vehicles

Travelling with a Partner, the Pros and Cons

Companion or Complainer? Whether to travel with a partner or…

Earthcircuit - How Workaway helps the traveling experience

Our mission is now an unmission – with no clear ideas or focus; our future is as unknown as the countries before us are unfamiliar. Which is just how we like it.

Gotta Globe - Mike and Amy's Workaway Blog

Workawaying while exploring the world - this was a great way for us to balance our over budgeted Italy trip and give back!

Michelle's Secret for Low Cost and Relaxing Traveling

Tips on travelling on a budget, the sacrifices that sometimes have to be made before leaving and some good tactics once on the road.

30th Birthday in Thailand with Workaway

One of my big goals for my 30th birthday was to make even the smallest bit of positive change in the world. Fortunately, I was able to accomplish my goal at a Workaway work exchange opportunity I participated in Thailand this year.