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wind in the hair

Wind in the Hair Sailing – photo by walking in sydney

Mention sailing and the chances are most of us will conjure up romantic images of wind in the hair freedom on the waves. But mention sailing to someone who has owned a boat and the response will likely be more measured.

Maintaining a boat requires dedication, commitment and hard work, but the rewards are commensurate.

Finding the time to dedicate to the upkeep of any boat can be challenging, more so with wooden hulled vessels, and the addition of an extra pair of hands can help enormously. We have noticed a steady stream of opportunities on relating to boats & sailing and recently spoke to a boat owner who had made use of volunteer help to overhaul his yacht:

“I’d owned my boat for 5 years, but rising costs for things like mooring fees had made it difficult to keep up with all the other work. By the time I decided that selling the boat would be the best way forward, she had deteriorated and needed lots of time and effort to get her back up to scratch.

“I devoted as much of my time as possible to the work, but soon realised that I’d need some help. I’d heard of Workaway through a friend and could see no reason not to give it a try.

“The response was encouraging and before long I had a couple of willing helpers living aboard and moving down through the jobs-to-do list. The 3 hours a day that they each worked on the boat kept the momentum moving in the right direction, and within a few weeks I was able to advertise her confident that the asking price was reasonable.

“The help was invaluable and meeting new interesting people made the work pass so much easier. I’d definitely do the same again if I were to own another boat.”

Hosts with Boats on Workaway

We decided to have a quick look through some of the sailing and boating options on offer through the site, and feature them here to show the varied nature of the opportunities. We have many European hosts from the Isles of Scotland down to those in Greece, and as far away as Malaysia and Fiji.

There’s certainly some interesting possibilites out there for anyone with a seafaring interest.

If you’re a host and we’ve missed your boat out of this list, feel free to add a comment below to let us know.

    • Schooner in Malaysia

      Workaway on a Schooner

      Workaway on a Malaysian Junk-SchoonerExperience life on a traditional wooden sailing boat in a beautiful tropical setting with a German family and their Malaysian Junk-Schooner.

      Work: varnishing, painting, sanding, woodwork, general boat maintenance


    • Building a boat in Norway

      Building a wooden boat in Norway

      Boat building community in Norway

      Looking for Workawayers who have knowledge or interest in permaculture, farming, boat building or sailing. The community is for anyone who wants to learn, share ideas and work hard.

      Anyone who helps out has the chance to join the crew, a tribe of floating sea-gypsies!


    • Workaway on a Yacht in the Greek Islands
      Workaway on a yacht in Greece

      Yacht opportunity in Greece

      Looking for someone to help with the deck as well as boat
      engine maintenance and electrical rewiring. Accommodation is a quarter berth on the boat with meals.


    • Help out on a solar ferry

      Party aboard the solar ferry

      Help Out on a Solar FerryGo to southern Germany and assist with a ferry-boat powered by solar-energy going from the island of Reichenau to the Swiss side of Lake Constance.


    • sailing in Fiji

      Sailing in Fiji

      Workaway on a Private Yacht in FijiLive on a 40ft boat in the hidden paradise of SavuSavu in Fiji. Help needed with painting, carpentry, welding, sewing, cooking, more painting(!), electrical wiring and general boat maintenance.


    • Help renovate a 60ft wooden boat

      Renovate a 60ft Boat near Sancerre, France

      Help Renovate a 60ft Wooden BoatThe boat which is near the famous wine region of Sancerre in France is 50 years old. Help is needed with reconstruction including woodwork, painting, electrics and plumbing.

      Accommodation is provided onboard in either a double cabin or in bunks.
      Anyone who helps will be offered time on board when the boat reaches the Med.


    • Lifeboat, Isle of Mull

      Help Resore a Lifeboat

      Restore a Lifeboat on the Isle of MullHelp needed with general maintenance including painting, sanding and some woodwork.

      Accommodation is in an en-suite cabin aboard this 52ft historic lifeboat which is moored in a village near a lively local pub.


  • Yacht in France

    Help with a renovation in Portugal

    Help Restore a Yacht in Alentejo, PortugalYou need to be fluent in English to proof read, update blogs and help in the renovation of a yacht 17 mts long that at the moment is on the hard being worked on.
    Must be able to get stuck in and get your hands very dirty.

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  1. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    I am a writer, a photographer and a publisher living on my 32-ft. sail boat in Greece. I need some help with the boat to get it launched.
    I am looking for one or two mature (perhaps even retired), non-smoking, addiction free, fit, agile and healthy people. It’s not a big boat so you should be at most 6 feet tall and less than 180 lb to fit in the bunk.
    I need help with cleaning, sanding, varnishing, painting and bottom paint but some engine and bilge pump maintenance as well. You should know how to use basic tools.
    In exchange for 4 hours of work per day, I offer a berth and board. The boat is in a boat yard right now but there are showers, toilets and a free WiFi internet access and a book swap. There is car transport every morning except Sunday to the nearest town, which is about 10 minutes away, and two tavernas within walking distance. There is a beach and a lagoon for nature walks nearby. It’s quite a busy place with many people arriving to work on their boats to launch or haul but not a lot to do in the evenings.
    Once launched (hopefully within a week or two) you can come sailing with me throughout the magical islands of the Ionian, We will visit village harbours with tavernas right next to our boat and quiet anchorages where we can swim in crystal clear water. There will be work to be done while we sail as well. Come for a week, a month or the season. Contact me for more information.

  2. Jessica Glenn
    Jessica Glenn says:

    Learning the basics of sailing is simple,yet getting to be really master can take years.There’s continually something more to learn, and once you find the sailing bug you’ll need to learn it all.For case,when you learn to cruise the educator will show you how to utilize the “sheet” to trim (change) the sail; the sheet is the rope that pulls the sail in closer to the boat, or lets it out.The sheet that controls the mainsail is the mainsheet,the one fixing to the jib,the jibsheet, and so forth.Modifying the sheet effectively is 90% of sail trim, and you can use your entire sailing life simply tightening and facilitating the sheet.But there’s truly a ton more to cruise trim than simply the sheet—there’s halyard strain,outhaul tension,traveler conformity,boom vang pressure,etc.

    Lean to sail here


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