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We’ve found another blog written from British Columbia in Canada, but not out in the wilderness this time. Rene the “Repurposed Redhead” writes from a ranch there and how her Workaway exchange went. From helping with the pigs to tending to the garden, it sounds earthy!
Here’s the link to her stylish looking blog

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Rene the “Repurposed Redhead”

A bit about her:

I’ve had a fairly normal life thus far, nothing too out of the ordinary. In fact, my life was pretty great by most peoples standards – a good job, a nice place to live, wonderful friends and family. But, I was still left wanting. I realized that what I truly wanted, needed, and desired was quite simple: a life with purpose. Thus the Repurposed Redhead blog was born and I began my new adventure.

I quit my job, left my house, and sold all of my stuff. I am starting anew.

This will be my epic journey, an inquisition into life itself. I will travel the world, going wherever my thoughts might take me. I will stay with strangers and leave as friends. I will help those who need help and receive help in return. I will explore new places and learn new things. I will find my purpose and I will tell you all how.”

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  1. karen Thompson
    karen Thompson says:

    It was so great having Rene with us. We are looking for a workaway person right now to help with fencing. 🙂 Thanks for posting us on the Workaway blog!


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