10 things to do right now to achieve your travel goals next year

Wait up, where did that year go? How are we about to enter a new one already? We weren’t quite ready… we kind of, ok definitely, didn’t tick off all our bucket list items this year. So we are setting a no-brainer way to tick them all off next year. Here’s how we, and you, can do right now to make sure you get to where you want to be in 2020!
achieving travel goals new year resolutions

1. Write a list

achieve travel goalsA visual list works wonder. Create a ‘sticky’ on your laptop so every time you open it you can see your goals and visions for 2020. It’s crazy how well this works!

2. Go through all your emails

Don’t be that person with 2345 unread emails. De-clutter your inbox, and you’re head will follow. You never know, there might be a travel offer you can’t refuse in one of those emails.

3. Make a Pinterest board

Because it seems Pinterest is the master of making us want to quit our jobs and travel the world. Even if we have no money. We can all dream, though, and Pinterest brings our dreams alive.

4. Start a dedicated savings account

Open it with just $1 and set yourself up a standing order each month with a set amount. Start small and add to it whenever you can. You’ll be surprised how quickly it can add up.
money travel savings goals

5. Get annual travel insurance

Buying an annual policy works out cheaper, and when you have it you will feel a lot safer booking that spontaneous trip you’ve always wanted. Plus, you’re going to want to get your money’s worth, so get planning.

6. Get a world map

How hot are you on geography? There’s nothing better than studying a map and learning about new countries you never knew existed. Stick stickers on all the places you want to go and put the map on your fridge. Every day you grab your food you’ll also be seeing the world.. well, the world map. 😉
world-map travel list

7. Sell stuff you don’t need

You’ve de-cluttered your inbox. Now do it in your home. Get rid of anything that isn’t essential. Pop it up on Ebay or Craigslist and put the money straight into your dedicated savings account. This is all linking in nicely now.

8. Set up your Workaway account

Well, if you haven’t already. Workaway can take you around the world, in a cheaper and more fulfilling way. Take a look at thousands of hosts online now, waiting for your email. And if you’ve already joined, pimp up your profile to grab everyone’s attention!

9. Don’t disregard countries you are told are dangerous

countries travel goals take-risk achieveHear us out on this one. Not everything you read in the media is 100% accurate. Every country in the world has its problems. If you disregard every country that is portrayed negatively at the moment you really don’t have a lot left to travel. Do research, read travel blogs. Give countries a chance that need your support. Volunteer, help spread the word that the world is a beautiful place and let’s start 2020 with some positivity.

10. Stop making excuses

It’s 2020 guys. Myths like travel is expensive are sooo last decade. It’s not, it’s about prioritising your goals. If you want to travel, MAKE IT HAPPEN. Stop making excuses as to why you can’t and start making steps into HOW you can. See you on the road!

So where will we bump into each other in 2020? Let’s rock this year together!

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