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Thanks to Debs from who wrote this article on her blog, and let us re-post it here.

We are currently working on an article all about how travelling has been changed by the internet age, which Debs touches upon in her post. We would be interested to hear what you think about how the process and challenges of travelling have been changed for the better or worse by the march of technology.

Workaway: Amazing volunteer opportunities is my new favourite website. I’m not talking in a design sense, but instead in a tons of possibilities for amazing adventures and experiences sense! I discovered it in the lovely Lillian Pierson’s e-book: Renegade World Travel. It’s a simple concept that brings together those that need a little help with travellers looking to immerse themselves in a new culture.

I love the idea of volunteering as a way to travel the world. When I visited Australia 12 years ago I stayed in hostels, which resulted in mixing with other backpackers rather than meeting Australians. In fact, in the entire 8 months we stayed there we only met one group of Australians! It wasn’t a bad thing and I had an amazing time, but travelling back then, with it being my first time away from home, was a little more about partying for me. Now, I’d much rather see a place by mixing with the locals and learning what it’s really like to live there; volunteering seems a fantastic way to do that.

Will Work For Food


work for food

Generally the hosts ask for a few hours of honest help per day in exchange for food and accommodation, and with a lot of the hosts being in remote locations it’s unlikely you’ll spend much money too, so it’s also a cheap way to travel!

There’s even the chance to acquire new skills with opportunities focusing on building, working on farms or learning a new craft etc. I just need to find one where I can help with building tiny houses and I’m off!

Currently, I’m enjoying scouring the website for opportunities in Canada, as I’m planning to spend my summer there, but here are just a few other links I’ve found that show how diverse, and awesome, a site it is…

Some diverse Workaway hosts

workaway host tents

Run away and join a circus?

I want to do it ALL!

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