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Hi to all readers of the blog and people using!

We try to listen to those using the site so that we can decide on which new features on Workaway are important to be developed. Many of you had asked for an easier way to see your emails and to know when you had a new message waiting. We hope that the new icon will help with this.

New Symbol and Alert for Messages

Messages sent via Workaway are automatically forwarded to your registered email address where you can reply directly if you want to. This has not changed.

We know however that many people using Workaway access their messages directly on the website.

To make finding your messages easier and more accessible we’ve added a new symbol to the top of the page when you’re logged in to your profile. Circled in red on the image below is where you will find the new icon, with the little number attached indicating how many unread messages are currently waiting.

new features on workaway

Circled in red is the new symbol for accessing your messages – the small number shows how many unread emails you have

We hope that having this displayed prominently on your pages will help with communication and not missing any of the important messages sent to you.

If you have no new messages the icon will still appear in the same position so you can easily access your inbox.

It’s possible that you will have unread messages indicated and not be able to see where these are. We have added a link in your inbox so that it’s easy to find any unread ones:

new features on Workaway

This page is accessible via your ‘Messages’ tab after logging in and going to your ‘My account’ page, or by using the new message icon!
Circled in red is the show unread messages link.

We really hope that this encourages better communication, makes it easier to access emails and that it is more obvious when you have received a new message.

We always want to hear from those using the site about what new features on Workaway you would like to be developed, let us know in the comments if you have any requests or ideas.

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