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Happy 2014 from Workaway!

We have ticked over to a new year since the last post, hopefully 2014 is the year that you get to make that special trip or get to finish off the jobs that have been sitting around for too long. Happy new year to all the hosts and Workawayers who stop by here to read.

We try to improve the site regularly and have recently added a couple of features that should help Workawayers find hosts more easily and organise their personal host lists.

Hosts on a Map

Logged in Workawayers now have the opportunity to see hosts around any location that they enter in the search box on the host list page.

By default the map will show hosts in a 250km diameter around the place entered in the search. For instance, here is what you would see if you entered ‘Rome‘ as your search:

workaway host map rome

Workaway hosts showing on the map after searching for ‘Rome’

The map will zoom from 20km diameter and out to 500km diameter around a town or place. If there are a lot of hosts in the area that you choose, the map may take a little while longer to load while it plots all of them, so be patient if it doesn’t load straight away!

We hope that this feature will allow Workawayers to more easily plan their journeys and also locate hosts that might otherwise not be found because they were too far down a list.

Customising and Organising ‘My Host List’

The ability to save hosts in a personal host list (My Host List) has been available on the site for some time. We have been receiving requests for help from Workawayers who had found that their lists had become unmanageable due to their size.

Our solution to this problem is to allow hosts that appear in your My Host List to be tagged with any term that you choose. For instance, you can now assign a tag ‘Favourites‘ to the hosts that you would most like to visit or organise hosts that offer ‘language learning‘ together so it’s easier to navigate the list.

There is a new button called ‘tag this host‘ which allows you to enter a term for this tag which categorises the host. Any tag you enter will then appear (with a number in brackets indicating how many hosts are tagged with that term) in the blue My Host List box that appears on the top right hand side of the page.

workaway personal host list

Showing the new My Host List page

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