Symptoms that reveal you’re turning into a backpacker

This week we’ve asked one of our favourite travel bloggers and Workawayers, Sarah Richard from to let us know the symptoms that indicate you’re turning into a backpacker!

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  1. You have mastered the ‘one backpack on the front, one on the back‘ walk
  2. McDonalds and Starbucks are no longer food outlets. They are where you go for free WiFi and a bathroom with a toilet roll in.
  3. You can’t remember what your body looked like without tanlines.
  4. You no longer book accommodation in advance; There will be a hostel somewhere… right?
  5. You can pack your bag in the pitch black darkness and still put everything in its place.
  6. You are still styling the same nail polish on your toes from the day that you left… 3 months later! (Let’s not talk about your finger nails)
  7. You argue with a street salesperson about lowering a price by 20p, and leave empty handed once they refuse.
  8. You have a ‘quick dry‘ towel.
  9. Beer that costs more than $2…erm, no thank you.
  10. You only know what day of the week it is because today is ‘Free Drinks Thursday
  11. Fresh laundry is hands down the best thing in the world.
    layover budget travel sleep
  12. It’s kind of a bit too quiet when you don’t hear a symphony of snoring in your dorm room.
  13. Is that an unattended shampoo bottle in the shower? SCORE!
  14. A destination that requires a bus journey of less than 10 hours is pretty much ‘round the corner.
  15. You choose to sleep at the airport rather than pay for another night’s accommodation. ————>
  16. You know your passport number off by heart.
  17. You can never remember anyone’s name so instead you refer to them as ‘that guy from Holland‘ or ‘the one from America.
  18. Hot shower? What’s that?
  19. The possibilities of pasta related dishes are endless. Then again, so is plain bread.
  20. You’ve realised that shoes are over-rated.


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