A Paradise for Nature and Animal Lovers: Farm living in Ottawa, Canada

Han's idyllic hobby farm in Ottawa, Canada offers an unique opportunity for travellers to experience countryside life, from caring for rescued dogs and horses, enjoying the dynamic Canadian weather, to sharing life stories and having deep conversations over delicious home-cooked meals. This is definitely a paradise for nature and animal lovers!
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7 Workaway adventures to make your Summer unforgettable

Summertime is officially here, calling us to let the most wild and free versions of ourselves shine. It invites us to take a step back from our normal routines to discover something different. Embrace your most wild and brave self and let these Workaway adventures inspire your own. (And buy that plane ticket, already)!

This host's whale watching camp is a dream come true for workawayers!

"There's always a funny or heartfelt story each and every day. We often get to witness people experience whale watching or catching fish for the first time!"

Travel photography - “Canada Wildlife” (Waterton, Canada)

Check out this spectacular image of Canadian wildlife, and more stunning images of August 2015's Workaway photo competition! Share your Workaway adventures with us and get a chance to be featured in our next post.

Travel photography - “Happy horse exercising” (BC, Canada)

There's so many ways to experience the world - start through the lens of our Workawayers & hosts! Here are some of our picks for the November 2014 photo competition of

Wilderness Dweller

This blog came to our attention recently and illustrates perfectly how the Workaway site can allow you to experience lifestyles that would be completely out of reach normally.