Marine conservation, sea sculptures and coastal cleanup in Norway!

A free-diving instructor, a sailor, a sculpture and a farmer - Børje is the host of a sculpture Workaway experience that works to save the environment! Whether by raising awareness with creative sculptures or actively removing marine pollution off the coast of Norway, he aims to make a real difference.
beyond recycling

How this creative family is using their recycled art to inspire the community to reuse & recycle

We had the pleasure of getting to know a lovely family living in the UK. Drawing on their experiences as journalists and travellers, they told us how they’re creating a new project that moves beyond recycling toward something even better. Get out some scissors and glue and tap into your inner child for this special interview!

Live and teach among the indigenous Achuar deep inside the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest

This month, we talk to Samira and Alan with this school project in a Ecuadorian Amazon village. Dedicated to helping protect indigenous culture in the heart of the Amazon, they need volunteers like you and me to help teach English in their remote village. We’re inspired by their project and know you will be too!

The 125-year-old mansion that transformed into a beautiful home for family and travellers

"The home has gone from an eyesore to a majestic beauty"... September's host of the month looks at the magic behind their home restoration project.

Unleash your creativity at this arthouse and B&B in Italy

"I adore how networks like Workaway allow us to find mutually-beneficial relationships, which allow us to thrive creatively and culturally. Of course it saves travellers money, and it also allows them to really get immersed in the lifestyle of another culture, rather than just peering in at it from the outside!"

Bringing the world to your classroom: English school in Tatal, Chile

Our first ‘Workaway host of the month’ goes to an English school in Taltal Chile, who has hosted more than 50 Workawayers in the last 2 years!