Travel photography - "Discovering 4000 years old megalithic construction called Nuraghe" (Sardinia, Italy)

Explore the wonders of the world through our community! Here are some of the best travel photography in September 2018's workaway photo competition - get some inspiration and and showcase your photography to win some travel funds too!
olive oil harvest

Discovering Real Food and Olive Oil in Puglia with Workaway

Workawayers from the USA learning about food culture, harvesting olives and making olive oil the traditional way in the boot of Italy. Yum!

Unleash your creativity at this arthouse and B&B in Italy

"I adore how networks like Workaway allow us to find mutually-beneficial relationships, which allow us to thrive creatively and culturally. Of course it saves travellers money, and it also allows them to really get immersed in the lifestyle of another culture, rather than just peering in at it from the outside!"

Soleitaliano's European Tour Awards

We loved the food orientated nature of Jacqui's blog post about…