Marine conservation, sea sculptures and coastal cleanup in Norway!

A free-diving instructor, a sailor, a sculpture and a farmer - Børje is the host of a sculpture Workaway experience that works to save the environment! Whether by raising awareness with creative sculptures or actively removing marine pollution off the coast of Norway, he aims to make a real difference.

Travel photography - “Manifestation against drilling next to the island” (Myre, Norway)

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The workawayer who ran away from city life to live with huskies

After a two-year Workaway at a Norwegian husky farm, Marije gladly swaps city life with the companionship of 40 huskies and discovers the joys and strength it takes to go 'back-to-basics'.

Travel photography - “Sunrise at Pulpit Rock” (Forsand, Norway)

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Travel photography - “Arctic Sky” (Alta, Norway)

See the world through workawayer & host's eyes- explore some of the best travel photographies in our monthly competition gallery, share your best travel photos for a chance to win the €100 cash prize.

Travel photography - “Sitting on the edge of the world, Norwegian style” (Norway)

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