Live and teach among the indigenous Achuar deep inside the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest

This month, we talk to Samira and Alan with this school project in a Ecuadorian Amazon village. Dedicated to helping protect indigenous culture in the heart of the Amazon, they need volunteers like you and me to help teach English in their remote village. We’re inspired by their project and know you will be too!

Travel photography - “Give time, receive happiness” (Hsipaw, Burma)

See the latest amazing travel photos taken by workawayers and hosts; everything from the Northern Lights to natural thermal pools and a sunset on a desert! Enter the photo competition that runs every month on for a chance to win the €100 cash prize.
happiness child

The workawayer who fell in love with the world

This month we talk to Workawayer Kat from Australia who has not only found friendship and enrichment through Workaway, but also love...

How Workawayers Are Being 'Teachers' to the Unschooled

Unschooled certainly does not mean uneducated, in fact the proponents of this type of teaching would say that the education is far more relevant!