Experience a sustainable lifestyle in Sri Lanka amongst natural wildlife and local community

This big ol' plantation-sized slice of paradise in Sri Lanka is not just a coconut estate! This month, host Tilak tells us how he created a haven of natural beauty and wildlife, while giving back to the local community and welcoming travellers to enjoy the village sustainably.

The ultimate workaway guide to visiting & protecting the world's most amazing marine conservation sites

We've handpicked a list of Workaway hosts on exclusive locations across the globe, with amazing projects perfect for those keen to witness the beauty of the blue and play a part in marine conservation!

This host's whale watching camp is a dream come true for workawayers!

"There's always a funny or heartfelt story each and every day. We often get to witness people experience whale watching or catching fish for the first time!"

Travel photography - “Canada Wildlife” (Waterton, Canada)

Check out this spectacular image of Canadian wildlife, and more stunning images of August 2015's Workaway photo competition! Share your Workaway adventures with us and get a chance to be featured in our next post.