Getting Over The Post-Travel Blues: Readjusting to life back home

Coming home from a trip is hard, and even more so when it is unexpectedly cut short -- let’s not beat around the bush. We’re all going through the same, and we all wish we knew how to cure those post-travel blues...

Five questions to ask yourself before your first Workaway experience!

Looking to see the northern lights in Finland or Machu Picchu in Peru? Deciding on the country we want to go to might sound like a no-brainer, but it’s also very important to keep in mind what you’re looking for long-term! Let us help with the main questions you might have before heading out to your first Workaway experience...

Dix avantages inatendus d’avoir des workawayers à la maison

Près plus de 15 ans comme hôte Workaway, je dois dire qu'il y a eu de nombreux avantages inattendus - des avantages auxquels je n'aurais jamais pensé. Voici comment les workawayers nous ont touché et, dans certains cas, ont eu un impact durable dans notre vie, de 10 des plus belles manières.

Diez Ventajas Inesperadas de Ser un Anfitrión en Workaway

Todos sabemos que es genial tener otro par de manos cerca, y como anfitriones a veces pensamos que tenemos una idea clara de en qué nos gustaría que nos ayudaran nuestros workawayers. Pero, tras 15 años como anfitriona en Workaway, ¡ha habido muchas ventajas inesperadas que nunca hubiera previsto!

10 unexpected perks of being a Workaway host

We all know how great it is to have an extra pair of hands around, and as hosts we often think we have a clear idea of what we’d like our volunteers to help us with. BUT, having been a Workaway host for over 15 years, there have been many unexpected benefits which I could never have envisaged!

We have some Appy news for Workawayers! 😊

*Drumroll*...our new mobile phone app is now available for Workawayers! Check out the latest features, and download the app today to start discovering and connecting.

Top budgeting tips on how to afford and plan your big trip

The ultimate dream for most travellers; to be able to afford to travel all around the world, one country at a time, without a worry in the world. Do you think you’ll never be able to afford it? Do you even have a clue where to start?

5 ways to make your Workaway profile stand out

Let's face it, these days it seems like we're filling out online profiles for everything. From dating apps to career networks, it can be a bit overwhelming to find one more way to describe yourself. However, your Workaway profile can be different and we're here to help! Follow our best tips for how to create a unique profile that will unlock countless opportunities. Adventure awaits!
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12 Amazing bucket list travel experiences to have around the world

We only live once, so lets choose to do the most meaningful things in the most phenomenal places in the world! We’ve highlighted a few items on our loooong bucket list of the most wonderful experiences around the world. Are any of these on your list too?

Travel fit with these great practical tips from a full time nomad

Travelling gets us out of our routine (which is usually the point) but it can also make some of our healthier habits more challenging. So here are some practical tips for how to stay fit and active and still have an amazing time during your adventures abroad!

Travel photography - "Tribes and smiles" (Tamil Nadu, India)

There's so much magic around the world, and so many ways for us to explore it! Start through the lens of our workawayers & hosts, and get inspired by our favourite travel photography of November 2018.
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Workaway news: Plan your travels and explore new places with a travel buddy

Whether you are craving some companionship after a solo soul-searching journey, or you prefer to explore the world alongside somebody else...this is the perfect tool for you. Perhaps you want to find a buddy to visit hosts together with, or just to explore the local area during your days off? Either way, we hope you can find wonderful friendships through Workaway that will go beyond Workaway!

Travel photography - "Llama Farm" (Oberösterreich, Austria)

See the world through Workawayer & host's eyes - discover our favourite travel photography showcasing the wonderful Workaway adventure moments around the world, and share yours for a chance to win the €100 cash prize!

We make a living by what we get, but make a life by what we give!

We want to spread the word further, to show everyone why becoming a volunteer is so rewarding. Here are 10 reasons why volunteering is the BEST FEELING in the world.

Travel photography - "Discovering 4000 years old megalithic construction called Nuraghe" (Sardinia, Italy)

Explore the wonders of the world through our community! Here are some of the best travel photography in September 2018's workaway photo competition - get some inspiration and and showcase your photography to win some travel funds too!

10 essential things to pack on your Workaway trip

Have you re-packed and re-packed your backpack, trying to squeeze one last item inside? Have you ever found yourself dazed staring at the travel aisle with all of the gear wondering what you'll actually NEED? Well, we're sort of experts on this and have a guide of things to pack on your Workaway trip to make it easier (Your shoulders will thank us)!

Travel photography - "Nature pools are the best" (Sri Lanka)

Where would you like your Workaway adventures to take you? From tropical paradise in Sri Lanka to the edges of Ecuador, take a look at the endless possibilities offered in August 2018's travel photo competition, and get inspired to start your own too!

Workaway news: Stand out from the rest with your best Workaway profile

If a photo can speak a thousand words, then a video can do more! So give a bit of personality by uploading a personal video to your workaway profile, and show off all your achievements on the site with our new badges too.

Travel photography - "Reaching the top of KYANJING RI after 5 days trekking - 4400m" (Nepal)

A celebration of July 2018's travel photography and achievements of the Workaway community, from reaching new heights in Nepal to milking a cow for the first time! Get inspired for your own globetrotting adventure and get a chance to win the €100 cash prize.

Top tips on workawaying and travelling with pets

Travelling with dogs or other pets can be easier than you think- especially for us Workawayers! Here are a few lessons we've learnt from Workawaying with Tarzan, our three year old Siberian Husky.

Travel photography - "Floating in the Dead Sea" (Israel)

What is it like to float in the middle of the Dead Sea, or learn to drive a tractor for the first time? Explore our favourite travel photography from June 2018, and share your best travel snapshots for a chance to win the €100 cash prize.

The couple who caught the Workaway bug BIG TIME: 14 hosts in the past 13 months and are not ready to stop any time soon!

This couple Miguel and Mariana had been living together for 6-7 years when they suddenly decided to leave their beloved homeland behind to find a home away from home everywhere they went. Read about the epic story of how they make the transition from quitting their 9-5 jobs lives to become full-time Workawaying nomads doing a wide range of cool projects as a mean to explore the world!

Travel photography - "Ella Bridge" (Ella, Sri Lanka)

Get lost in our favourite Workaway destinations, from the Ella Bridge to the arctic! Enter the photo competition that runs every month on for a chance to win the €100 cash prize.

Travel photography - “Catching a sunset on a slackline after a day of helping at the hostel.” (Lima, Peru)

We loved April 2018's travel photography taken by workawayers and hosts on various adventures around the world! Explore some of the best images this month and enter the next competition for your chance to win the €100 prize.

Workaway news: Create your own Workaway map with pins

Whether you’re wanderlusting over a whole bunch of countries on your "to go" list at the same time, or already finalising your travels and ready to hop on the next flight, set your plans in motion by creating your own Workaway map with pins of your travel destinations!

Experience a sustainable lifestyle in Sri Lanka amongst natural wildlife and local community

This big ol' plantation-sized slice of paradise in Sri Lanka is not just a coconut estate! This month, host Tilak tells us how he created a haven of natural beauty and wildlife, while giving back to the local community and welcoming travellers to enjoy the village sustainably.

Travel photography - “Manifestation against drilling next to the island” (Myre, Norway)

See the world through workawayer and host's eyes - explore some of the best travel photography in March 2018's workaway photo competition, and share your best snaps for a chance to win the €100 prize!

Going green on your Workaway: Permaculture living – Part Two

Whether the hosts are seeking input from artists, healers and educators, or extra hands to help with general work, one thing is sure, the focus will be local and ethical, and will involve communicating with people who are eager to share their ideas about alternative ways of guaranteeing a great future for the next seven generations.

The ultimate workaway guide to visiting & protecting the world's most amazing marine conservation sites

We've handpicked a list of Workaway hosts on exclusive locations across the globe, with amazing projects perfect for those keen to witness the beauty of the blue and play a part in marine conservation!

Travel photography - "Martha is getting a cool cut" (Uganda)

The February 2018's travel photography taken by Workawayers and hosts, featuring this heartwarming image for this month's travel photo competition winners! Lets get inspired to start our own journeys, and explore the many ways we can give back to local communities while exploring the world..