How to Travel the World Without Winning the Lottery

After we revealed the truth of those articles saying ‘I quit my job to travel the world’ we seemed it was only fair to bust a few more travel myths. It’s 2019 now, most of us have come to the realisation that the world is a big place, and our time here is limited; therefore, travel has now become somewhat of a necessity. We NEED to travel! (Okay, maybe some of us are more addicted than others…)

However, the biggest travel myth to date is that you need to be rich to travel the world. Oh, HOW WRONG can one be. But, hey, we don’t blame those folks that talk of expensive travel, they probably haven’t been introduced to Workaway yet!
Along with our website, there are plenty of other ways to help you travel the world without winning the lottery, and here’s how:

Travel the World with

Oh, look it’s us! Maybe you already know how Workaway works, or maybe this is the first time you’ve heard about our website. In a nutshell, we provide a platform for enthusiastic travellers wanting to see the world and hosts in need of some help in their projects across the globe. We’ve got over 40,000 hosts online from every corner of the world.

Literally you pick a country you’ve always wanted to go to and browse through the list of hosts looking for help. Fancy yourself as a boat watchman in the Bahamas? A school teacher in South East Asia or a winemaker in South Africa? (Yup, those are all real opportunities.) Well, you’ve come to the right place!

One of the best things about Workaway? It only costs less than the price of one night’s accommodation in a hostel for one full year’s subscription.
travel the world work trade


backpacking travel free budget couch surfing
Gone are the days this was thought to be a creepy way of travelling. Couchsurfing is god damn cool! We ourselves have met so many amazing people through CS we could write a whole article on that alone! So what’s the crack?

Simply and honestly; free accommodation in people’s homes all over the world and a chance to experience their culture. How much does it cost? Nothing, nil, free, however you want to say it, you don’t pay anything to Couchsurf. You could stay on their sofa, in their spare room, or sometimes the whole apartment. The online community is full to the brim of worldly travellers just wanting to give back. Sign up on their website, create a profile, tell people where you are travelling and why and see who has a couch available in the place you’re off to. This has good karma written all over it.


Ok, so flights are usually the most expensive part of the trip right? This is where you still think travel is expensive! Think again. We like to think of ourselves as somewhat of Skyscanner experts. You’ve got to be able to work the system, and when you do, expect huge savings. (We once got a flight from Hong Kong to Las Vegas for £175 — that’s a 19-hour flight halfway across the world.) Here’re our tips:
1. Be flexible with dates.
There is an option where you can select ‘Whole Month’. Do this and it will come up with the 30 days in the month and all the different prices for each day. It’s amazing how much money you can save by going on a different day.
2. Check out one-way tickets even if you want a return.
Use the same method with the ‘Whole Month’ and look at booking two separate flights. Sometimes it turns out cheaper than a return.
3. Book your flights on a Tuesday.
It’s been proven to be the cheapest day in the week.
4. Unclick ‘Direct Flights’.
Come on guys, you can do it, airport layovers aren’t that bad! Plus you can sometimes save 50%!

So, we’ve proved to you, you can live in exotic locations, eat amazing food and meet incredible people in exchange for a few hours of your help. You can crash on travellers sofas and if you’re savvy you can get cheap flights too. We’ve got you covered no? No? Ok, here’s a few more pearls of wisdom…

english teaching volunteer travel

Teach English

Now with this one you can live for free AND get paid! By simply getting your TEFL qualification (teaching English as a foreign language), which you can complete online within 3 weeks, you can jet off to dozens of countries and get paid to teach. You don’t need a degree or even to be able to speak the country’s language. The only requirement is to be full of energy, adventure and have a passion for teaching. There are literally thousands of jobs all over the globe waiting to be filled by native English speakers. You can expect a fairly decent monthly salary, help with living costs and an exciting new adventure. Take a look here at jobs that are available now and start your TEFL course while deciding which country you want to conquer next.


Are hotels a thing of the past? Now, if you have to part with your money, you can stretch it further than ever. Fancy staying in an igloo? A castle? Or on a boat?
Well, you can with Airbnb. And most of the time it is cheaper than staying in a conventional hotel!

House Sitting

This one almost sounds too good to be true — but it’s not. As it says on the tin, you literally look after someone’s house while they are away and in exchange, well, you get to live there for free. It’s a win-win situation all around as the owners get peace of mind that someone will be watering the plants. taking in the mail and making sure everything is safe, and you get free accommodation. May we just add they are usually pretty nice places– all over the world! We are not going to sound too pushy here to mention again that there are in fact tons of hosts out there on the Workaway site who are looking for house sitters. There are also a number of other websites that offer equally amazing house sitting opportunities such as TrustedHousesitters, House Sitters America and Mind My House. Monthly memberships range from $20 to $60, but we think it is an investment, and if you add up how much you save in hotel rooms you are definitely saving A LOT of money!

flight deal travel the world cheap

Air Miles Credit Cards

Those flights you just booked; book them on an air miles credit card.
They give you miles for every £1 you spend and trust us they add up quick! Before you know it you’ll be getting a free flight. Trick all those ‘lottery winners’ by bagging yourself a business class trip all on the freebie miles!

Get a Travel Card

Who even pays oversea ATM fee’s anymore? We don’t! Get yourself a travel card where you load it with your home currency and then withdraw the country’s own currency that you are currently in– with no extra charge! Great if you are travelling to many countries in one go, and also to avoid carrying around too much cash.
We love ICE travel card— no ATM fees and great conversion rates! Whatever you do don’t use your own bank account, they will charge you so much to withdraw! You don’t need to do that anymore!
money world travel lottery tips


The travellers’ alternative to Uber. You know when your friends post those annoying status saying ‘Is anyone driving from Manchester to Heathrow Airport at 1:47am on Monday evening that will give me a lift’. Erm, nope, of course we don’t know anyone doing that ride. But Lyft does! Effectively all it is is somebody with a spare seat in their car that is willing to let you tag along. It is not free, however there are no prices and ‘donations’ are required rather than set fares. It’s more relaxed than Uber and has proven a much cheaper alternative to taxis and trains. Just download the app and get travelling!

So there it is.. the truth’s out, the two words ‘travel’ and ‘expensive’ no longer go hand in hand. With these pearls of wisdom, an open mind and some hard saving we have no doubt there is a new generation of travellers on their way. The generation that gets to travel the world — without breaking the bank. So where are you off to next?

39 replies
    • Nicole Olivier
      Nicole Olivier says:

      Ive made a hobby out of finding cheap airfare! If you are flexible with when and where you travel, its a great hobby to have. Just got back from Guadeloupe for $178. Went to Dublin for St Pats for under $400. Just got a ticket for a weekend in Tampa for $240 and eyeing Iceland and Norway next, both about $300 🙂

    • Nicole Olivier
      Nicole Olivier says:

      The flexibility is the absolute KEY to cheap rates – you’re exactly right! I actually plan my travel around plane fare 🙂 Plus I check airlines like Norwegian and WOW air and Southwest Airlines and Jet Blue because I don’t care about the extras. Many of the websites will now allow you to pick an originating airport and then just check fares to all the different places they fly – I love that 🙂 Following them on FB helps too. I scored a $31 ticket ro Denver for flying on Oct 31! Return was $120 but still! Sorry to go off – I love this subject 🙂 Happy Travels! ps Another great FB Page if Roni – The Travel Guru. She finds and posts some awesome flight specials!

    • Nicole Olivier
      Nicole Olivier says:

      Yes and yes! I search literally EVERYWHERE. I also sign up for emails from my favorite airlines, follow them on FB and if I need to go somewhere in particular I use They only search the majors though so for Norwegian or Wow I go straight to the sites. Since airfare is easily the biggest expanse to flying, you may want to find the best airfare and then look for the Workaway opportunity, or points of interest, after you find a cheap place to go 🙂

    • Stu Owen
      Stu Owen says:

      Once you’re in a lot of places, overland travel is absurdly cheap if you don’t mind sacrificing comfort for cost! The just find a route that let’s you workaway across a continent!!

  1. Brian
    Brian says:

    Great tips and great article! Personally I have had great success with borth Workaway and Couchsurfing. Also getting free accommodation at hostels in exchange of a few hours of daily cleaning – but that’s best for longer stays.

    • Stu Owen
      Stu Owen says:

      Not everything needs to begin with an expensive flight… I don’t now where you are, but i can now fly from Manchester to Phuket for 199 quid one way with some budget airlines which is frankly amazing, and once you’re there overland travel is ridiculously cheap through the whole of south east Asia. If you’re willing to sacrifice comfort for cost you can really go places. It just takes some creativity sometimes, but that’s where it gets interesting 🙂

  2. Jessica Foster
    Jessica Foster says:

    I’m saying that for people that have no room to save, traveling may seem impossible to them. I have yet to see an article that says traveling is free, yet I have seen many telling people they can just “make it happen”. For some people it’s not that easy. And having the wiggle room to save at least a little is a privilege that much of the world will never have. 200 dollars may not seem like a lot of money but it is to some people and it is to me.

  3. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    Hi all! Wondering if anyone can recommend a TEFL course that is accredited?
    I’m interested in picking up a new and useful skill before traveling.
    Thank you! Sarah

  4. Kerli
    Kerli says:

    Couchsurf sucks..have tried to find host for two weeks already..noone even respond me back ! I have been host in my country for travelers and has reviews..

    At least i found a place where to stay for ten days.. but it was easy either..i writed for 7 hosts and only one responded me back .

  5. Dan Russell
    Dan Russell says:

    The ICE travel card website doesn’t work. It keeps telling me my information is wrong. The ICE “Contact Us” tab doesn’t work either. Let me know if you have another travel card that I can use to see the world.

  6. marinna
    marinna says:

    i am from canada. i am interested in taking the TEFL course but iit says that i require a BA to take it. is it true that a BA is required in other countries? i would be interested in hearing from people from this country and what they found when trying to get into TEFL.
    thanks so much. excited for all the ideas here!

  7. Natalie
    Natalie says:

    Hello, any chance of some advice?

    I am a single middle aged woman (48 going on 49).

    I feel I have not done much with my life, other than work for 30 years non stop, I seem to be going through a midlife crisis or the menopause. Anyway, all this helping a abroad etc, is it just young people who do it, or do people of my age take the plunge and volunteer.
    I would like to give it a go for a few weeks/months, before I get back on the work treadmill for the next 15 years or so, live a little for once, do you have to be really physically fit etc. ny advice for an old timer, I still feel in my 20’s in my mind, but my body makes me feel my age.

  8. Robin H
    Robin H says:

    Seems anyone can do it. I just turned 60, longing to travel and find a little adventure. Just feel very stuck in my life right now and this may be something I can do to change things up.


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