What is a Workaway Ambassador?

Earlier this year James and Shirley from the Workaway Team found themselves on the back of a motor bike negotiating the vibrant streets of Hanoi in Vietnam visiting Kitty and her wonderful family. At the same time on the other side of the world founder David and our marketing whiz Alicia were in Costa Rica trekking up to visit this wonderful surf camp in Tamarindo and a secluded jungle lodge in a remote community on the Caribbean coast…

Whilst we are a small team of like minded travellers, our goal is to keep the workaway experience as rich and genuine as possible. And we want to continue to grow our community based around people, story telling and cultural exchange.

workaway ambassador
workaway ambassador badgeThe Workaway journey is in itself a personal one. Since David started the concept 14 years ago by offering a room in his own house in exchange for help, the idea has grown and developed into a global movement.

Whilst we’d love to have as many adventures as we could, it is impossible for our small team to visit every single host and meet every single workawayer (even though we would love to!). This is why over the last few months we have been on a global search to seek out fantastic experienced Workawayers who share the same philosophy, all across the world from France, Italy, USA to Argentina, to come and join the Workaway team as “Workaway Ambassadors“.

workaway ambassador
wa ambassador community travellers volunteers

So you ask..what is a Workaway Ambassador?

Workaway Ambassadors are the faces of the Workaway community; they are determined to take on the world, to visit workaway hosts, to meet fellow volunteers, and to help build a sharing global community who genuinely want to travel and see the world whilst giving back to the places they visit.

From individuals, couples and families, ambassadors help to tell their own stories as well as those of the others, showing that volunteering is not impossible but in fact has the potential to define your life.

(video credit: workaway ambassador Daniele)

Ambassadors are those on the ground, pushing to go beyond the tourist trail, meeting real people and learning first hand about what works, what doesn’t and how we can do better. This doesn’t only help us improve your workaway experience, but also helps to showcase your story and to inspire others.

Fundamentally, Ambassadors are Workawayers like you and me, they are helping to build the community by showing that responsible and ethical travel has the ability to genuinley make a difference to the communities they visit through…

ambassador cultural exchange traveller world citizens

Now you know what a workaway ambassador is, why not get involved too? Let us know how you can help spread the workaway message of travelling for a reason and learning by helping and giving. 😉

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  1. Cesar Gn
    Cesar Gn says:

    Could i consider myself as an ambassador, after 2 years traveling around the world and doing workaway everywhere i’ve been encouraging travellers to get a workaway experience to enjoy more the culture and local life in their nexts trips 😀

  2. Mike Emck
    Mike Emck says:

    I will start my travels using workaway the 16th of September. The plan is to start in India, and then work my way on a motorcycle all the way to east Asia. I want to work in every country I visit for at least half a year. This is the plan, and we’ll see what happens 🙂 I have a couple of years for this. Being a workaway ambassador is definitely something I will keep in mind. It sounds perfect!!
    I already tell every living soul I speak to in the Netherlands, about Workaway. Simply because I’m so excited by it!

  3. Fatima
    Fatima says:

    I will start my work way as soon as possible , I mean as soon us some host acept me in they community,house space what ever! I born to be traveling and helping people live makes no sence for me stuk in one place , I hope I get answer soon.
    So Guys I hope to hea from one of you very, very soon!!!!

    • Juditta
      Juditta says:

      Decide which countries you want to visit and set a target of how much you can save monthly before you go.

      You will need money for transport and other things. Accommodation and food is usually what takes most of your money.

  4. Juditta
    Juditta says:

    Living the workaway experience and spreading the word.

    Just finished a task in Phitsanulok, north of Thailand teaching English to Thai Children/teenagers.

    Absolutely loved it. The hosts were very hot on living sustainably and had a very good system to reuse water.

    Going to Chiang Sean next week!

  5. Carol Baird
    Carol Baird says:

    The comments above have me very excited to begin my journey! Am living in Cambodia a year, and hope to get a teaching English position in Ratanakiri in the northeast starting in 3-4 months. All your experiences motivate me to take the steps to make my dream come true here.

  6. Nadia
    Nadia says:

    Wish to be your ambassador some time later! Now just planing to start my first journey from next year spring, so exited! If all will be great all my friends will know about it immediately 🙂


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