Wilderness Dweller

This blog came to our attention recently and illustrates perfectly how the Workaway site can allow you to experience lifestyles that would be completely out of reach normally.


Chris Czajkowski, Wilderness Dweller

Chris Czajkowski is an amazing woman. She has lived in the mountains of British Columbia, completely off of the grid for the last 30 years.

She built her first cabins mostly alone, felling the trees and dragging them with a come-along, 150 miles from the nearest banks, traffic lights, supermarkets or cell phone frequencies.

She has been building new cabins recently and enlisted some volunteer help through Workaway.

This is her story:

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  1. Gwen Holmes
    Gwen Holmes says:

    Hi Chris. Thanks for letter and news received by post. Is your old email address extinct as it includes nuktessli? Lovely pics. here. In today’s paper is death notice of Noelene Wilson, past mutual friend, 85 same as me, wife of late Stuart, m. of Lynda and Robyn. Best wishes from Gwen


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