Workaway Has a New Look

Regular users of will have noticed a change recently in the way the site looks and functions. We have made the changes in an effort to simplify the process of using it and to make it visually easier to navigate.

Whereas before Workaway had a mobile site and a desktop site, which (although they did basically the same things) were separate entities, now there is one site that fits all devices. We hope that this responsive design makes it easier to use and find your way around even when using different devices.

Improved Search

Workaway Search Page

New host list page – clicking ‘More options’ will show the new search possibilites

We have also made enhancements to the host search to try and make it simpler to find the hosts that interest you. On the host list page here: you will now find extra search options.

As well as the original search parameters (New listing, updated listing, last minute and listings with feedback), underneath those there is a new ‘More options’ section.

Clicking that shows two tabs, the original ‘Types of help‘ such as farming, help with computers etc… on one and the new ‘More‘ tab.

Workaway search improvements

The new ‘More’ tab

Here there are a number of new search possibilities.

You can decide to see hosts that can accommodate certain numbers of Workawayers: 1, 2 or more than 2. Because this is a new feature not all hosts will have indicated this so it’s always worth searching again without this option checked if you don’t find what you’re looking for.

You can also search by ‘Host rating‘, this is based on how active a host is on the website, their feedback and their reply rate to inquiries.

Finally, we have added a list of ‘types of host‘ to help you search for specific categories of host, useful if you’re only looking to help in a school or on a farm for instance.

We hope that these upgrades help you find suitable hosts more easily, do let us know your experiences of using the new search and any suggestions for improvements in the comments below.


Workawayers may also have noticed a subtle change to the way that messages are displayed in your profile. Now on your ‘My account‘ page, the ‘Messages‘ tab shows: ‘Host Messages‘ and ‘Workawayer Messages‘. Host Messages shows the conversations between you and hosts, Workawayer Messages shows the conversations between you and other Workawayers.

Previously we showed the messages that you had sent and those you had received in separate sections, but now all messages in a conversation appear in one thread. We changed this in an effort to simplify this aspect of the website.

Finally, a small change for hosts

Workaway Calendar Changes

Click here (when signed in) to change the months you need help for

Hosts can now change their availability indication on their calendar directly from their public profile (when logged in!). To change this, just open your profile page and view your profile as it appears online, then click on the colour beneath any month to change your availability.

Hosts who do not see the calendar should make sure they have activated it on their ‘My account‘ page.

We hope that this will encourage hosts to keep their calendar up to date. Doing so serves multiple purposes; showing Workawayers when they should apply and also stopping hosts from receiving inquiries for times when they do not need help.

2 replies
  1. Amy
    Amy says:

    I can’t find any explanation for what that calendar means. What does a grey square vs. yellow square vs. red square vs. green with check square mean?


    • Workaway
      Workaway says:

      Hi Amy,

      If you hover your cursor over the colour, it will show what it means.

      Green (shown with a ‘tick’ so that it’s clear to the visually impaired) means that a host has availability and volunteers are needed for that month.

      Yellow indicates that there is partial availability for that month.

      Red means that the host does not need help for this month.

      Grey just indicates that this month has passed.


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