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Merry March from the Workaway headquarters! 🙂

Most good things eventually come to an end, and sometimes after a wonderful year abroad you’re ready to go home for a bit. But it doesn’t mean that post-travel life has to be something to be afraid of – especially not when you’ve learned and gained so much from your past adventures! So let’s say you’ve already checked off some Workaway adventures from your list and received some feedbacks from hosts you have stayed with. Now what’s next? Well, why not make the most from your amazing accomplishments and experiences by adding your Workaway adventures onto you CV to impress your potential employers?


Start embracing your post-travel life!

If you thought you couldn’t have gotten more out of the Workaway trip…after volunteers receive two or above verified positive feedbacks from hosts, we can provide an official personal reference letter that can be presented along with any future job applications. (For those of you who are not there yet, no worries! You can access your reference letter anytime and get it printed in the future. In the meantime, check out some of our 33,000+ hosts and start planning your next adventure!)

As we all know, one of the perks of travelling with Workaway is that you get involved in literally ALL KINDS OF PROJECTS. With so many fun ways to learn different new skills during your workaways, we can’t think of a more perfect opportunity for you to show off what you’ve achieved in alternative ‘workplaces’ with different cultural settings and languages. Employers know that there’s nothing quite as valuable as hands-on experience and practical interpersonal skills. There’s no need to shy away from your amazing life skills that you picked up from your travels!

After logging in to your account, you’ll find your reference letter in PDF format to the left of your profile picture:


or under the ‘My Account’ tab:


Developing a new career that you are passionate about can also be a fulfilling adventure, and there are always opportunities for those who are not afraid to think outside of the box. So be sure to print out your reference letter to give your CV an extra edge! 🔥💪🏽

Join the #workawayadventure visual journey…

Got some amazing snapshots you want to share with fellow travellers within our vibrant community? Whether that be gazing at a beautiful sunset at another part of the world…

or enjoying a special moment with locals…

Tag your Workaway pictures with #workawayadventure! We want to see it all! 😍✨ And while you’re on it…why not submit it to our photo competition for a chance to win €100 to add to your travel fund? That’s a double win!!

Want to relive your travel journeys or just looking for some inspiration on your next adventure? You can get that daily wanderlust fix through our InstagramFacebook, and/or Twitter!

Over to you!

It makes us so happy whenever we see videos of how Workawaying has changed the way these volunteers think and live life, and we want to share it with you too! This one features Workawayers Anayza and Maddie, produced by ‘Leaving The Comfort Zone’.

“It’s a really intimate way of engaging with people on a day-to-day basis.

“I started travelling and I see different ways of living and through this venues you are able to see how other people live and I think it’s really valuable.”

“It’s also about getting out of your comfort zone…with these experiences, you’re putting yourself in some ways a vulnerable position because you’re not in anything that’s familiar to you but then soon you start to see how things are familiar to you […] I start only seeing the similarities between me and all these different cultures and not the differences […] it’s really engaging in the human level. “

“You have this whole new way of what it means to exist.”

Wow! We couldn’t have put that better! It’s amazing to see all the different possibilities of what people are able create for themselves whilst using the site as a mean to travel and to experience the world fully. If you also have a video/ vlog that you would like us to showcase then please send us a youtube or vimeo link– we feature the best ones on our page.

Stay warm and stay wandering! x

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