A bit about this podcast

This podcast was created by Jackie, The Budget Minded Traveler, and is well worth a listen. Jackie outlines all the essential things that you need to know about Workaway. Here is a bit about her from her blog:

I’m Jackie Laulainen, and I have been bitten (hard) by the travel bug. This is my story.

In 2003, at age 18, I moved to Costa Rica to study abroad for a year, and my life was forever changed. Not only did I fall in love with everything Latin (I’m often convinced I was born in the wrong culture), but I also fell in love with the wonder of travel. I was hooked and wanted more. The next year I moved to Italy to study abroad for a year there and learn (and consequently fall in love with) everything Italian. After finally graduating from college, I began my vagabond life, fuelled by the mighty and endless power of wanderlust.

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The Budget Minded Traveler