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As more journalists become aware of Workaway, many articles from around the world are starting to appear written either about the website or mentioning it as one of the best ways to travel and volunteer.

This page keeps a record of the articles as they appear so that hosts and volunteers can be assured that the site is real ( we do get emails asking about this quite regularly!) and to show how others use it for travelling.

If you know of any articles that we’ve missed, please get in touch below in the comments and let us know.


How to escape: tips and sites for working or volunteering abroad - Rachel Dixon, The Guardian - Monday 1 February 2016

From The Guardian:

If you dream of swapping the nine-to-five for more fulfilling work overseas, take a look at these courses and sharing websites that could see you teaching, farming, or looking after a millionaire’s pad, for free… has placements across the globe where hosts provide bed and board (on varying bases) in return for a few hours’ work each day in manual labour, childcare, creative projects or more skilled roles.

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12 survival tips from two wanderlust bloggers who packed it all in and went exploring the world - Irish Examiner - Thursday, January 14, 2016

From The Irish Examiner:

Last year two wanderlust dreamers made headlines when they decided to give up their corporate jobs, sell everything they owned and go on an epic travel adventure around the world… with no return date in mind…

“I don’t think there is a completely rational reason for quitting our jobs to travel the world but we had a gut feeling and we thought it would be good for us,” said Chanel.

The couple reveal their secrets on how they are surviving (and enjoying!) their globe-trotting lifestyle.

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Discover Workaway: By Working Away - Dahlia Al-Abdullah 13/01/2015

From Concrete – The University of East Anglia’s official student newspaper

As students, many of us find difficulty in scraping up the money to get away. Sure, discount flight companies like RyanAir and EasyJet make it easier to get around the destinations closer to home, but let’s not forget hostel costs, food and drink, getting your hands on some beautiful Moroccan pillowcases, the list goes on. Even to volunteer, you can end up spending literally thousands. So is there a solution, and what is it?

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Volunteering in Italy: washing up and witch burning - Cat Rainsford, Saturday 6 September 2014

In the latest instalment of her working trip around the world, our writer volunteers at a restaurant in the Italian lakes which is at the hub of village life

“The volunteering deal is simple: essential help entails two hours of washing up during the busy lunch service in exchange for accommodation, excellent food and limitless red wine. Additional help depends on your own enthusiasm. Despite my initial scepticism at the prospect of volunteering in a restaurant, the deal strikes me as pretty good.…”

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Working holidays: my volunteering breaks and the lessons learned - Cat Rainsford, Saturday 12 July 2014

Kicking off her new column about travel and volunteering around the globe, Cat Rainsford recalls the high and lows of previous adventures, from milking goats to making friends

“Whether to work for free or not is a delicate question. The line between exchange and exploitation can be a fine one and communities can lose out on paid employment. But if done sensitively, I can think of few forms of travel that offer such a window into lives and histories.…”

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Work a bit on your holiday - Saurabh Datar, December 26, 2013 MUMBAI

Article about Indian travellers using Workaway by MiD DAY.

Tavleen Kaur was fascinated by Turkey, a country full of serene landscapes, beautiful beaches, and a heady mix of the East and West. She was particularly taken by Pamukkale, a natural site with hot springs and surreal terrace formations…

Go to MiD DAY to read more

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  1. Sarah Killion
    Sarah Killion says:

    I learned about Workaway from an article in the July 2018 issue of International Living. It is very complimentary of the organization and is inspiring me to look into some of the volunteer opportunities. I don’t think it is included on your Press page.

  2. Loyce Smallwood
    Loyce Smallwood says:

    My first Workaway Experience was a wonderful success as Workawayer Sharon cleaned and organized my house beautifully. Sharon also shopped for and prepared tasty, nutritional meals. Sharon fell in easily with my friends and we enjoyed each other’s company. Thank you, Sharon Bosco and Thank you, Workaway


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