Workaway’s New Look

We’ve made some changes

We recently changed the look of the site to try and make it a bit easier to use and have the information laid out better for users. We hope that it feels fresher, more modern and is still easy to find your way around!
The one major change is that the menus have moved.
You will find all the same pages in the drop down menus at the top of the page that were previously on the left hand side.

This week we had our 7000th host go live

There are hosts from all over the world on Workaway, and we now have a counter on the homepage to show how many hosts are active and also how many feedbacks have been left by Workawayers and hosts.

The Workaway Video

Thanks to Giovanna for producing the video which shows how the whole concept can work. We appreciate too all the Workawayers in the video itself: Graeme, Ugne, Sylvia, Cecilia,  Gerome & Vicky, Richard & Katy and Jason amongst others. If you spot yourself in there and we haven’t mentioned you, let us know in the comments! The music was written and recorded by Workaway’s Alex and Chris.

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  1. Graham
    Graham says:

    I like the new look, brings the site nicely up to date even though it was not screaming out for it as some other sites are.

    There were two things I was hoping to see in this update, which did not happen – may I ask if there are any plans to have these in a future update? Firstly to allow members to organise their personal host list (perhaps by country?), as a large host list becomes a pain to navigate and secondly to allow for people to search by language(s) spoken? As many members use this site in order to practice a language it would be nice to see where the language can be used, as many hosts are ex-pats who either do not speak the local language or whom are also skilled in other languages. I realise to search by language would however require far more coding work due to the current profile layout, so will not hold my breath – but it would be very nice.

    Anyway, thanks again for the work done on the site and best of luck. 🙂

    • imma
      imma says:

      As a host, I would also have the possibility to search travelers with references. And I think it would also be useful for travelers if they could search among families with good references from previous travelers.

      I would also love to read on the travelers profiles more about their skills (I mean, in a more detailed way, as many people just don’t write that much information) and the reason they want to travel to my place/country and kind of stay they want to (some travelers wants to stay just for a short stay, while others are looking for long stays, so there could be a long stay versus short stay category in the search engine.

      Since now, we have hosted several “workawayers” and in most cases have enjoyed the experience! (as in real life, there is always the exception to the rule…)

      • Chris
        Chris says:

        Thanks for your suggestions Imma, it’s good to know what the people that are actively using the site would like it to be able to do.

    • Christina
      Christina says:

      I was wondering how I can see the emails I’ve written to hosts?

      The only ones I can see are FROM hosts or other workawayers.

      I’d be nice to see all outgoing emails so I can make sure it was sent. I’m waiting to hear from the host but unsure if he received my email??
      If you can fill me in on how to check if appreciate it!

      • Chris
        Chris says:

        Hi Christina,
        The emails you have sent are in the same place as the ones you have received, just scroll down and you will see them.
        If you are signed in to your account, go to ‘My account’ page and select the ‘Messages’ tab.

  2. Chris
    Chris says:

    Hi Graham,

    Thanks for your comment, glad you like the new look.
    As far as your suggestions go, we will certainly look into having the ability to organise your personal host list, we have not had this request before, but it makes sense when the list gets large and unwieldy.
    Your other question about being able to order hosts by language spoken is slightly more tricky as it would involve a fair bit of programming, but we are looking at having other ways to order the main host list so your suggestion will be kept in mind.
    We appreciate your recommendations though!

  3. Steve Myers
    Steve Myers says:

    Thanks for the new look. It is excellent. From the host’s viewpoint, a couple of extra features would be extremely helpful.

    1. There is apparently no place in the volunteer forms where they state their gender. This has led to several embarassing confusions, particularly when it is not apparent from the name or photo. Likewise, it would be very helpful to be able to sort volunteers by gender as well as singe/couple. Can that be done?

    2. Is it possible to stress that photos of scenery, while very nice, tell hosts nothing about the person? As a guideline, volunteers should provide a simple photo, without sunglasses, facing forward and be reasonably close to the camera.

    Thanks so much for all your good work.

    • Chris
      Chris says:

      Hi Steve,

      Thanks for your suggestions. We do recommend that volunteers have clear pictures of themselves so that hosts can see who they are inviting. At present we do not have a search facility that will allow you to search for gender, but if you’re unsure and need to know, then you should just ask.

      Glad you like the new look!

    • Brandee Smith
      Brandee Smith says:

      I completely agree with Steve regarding the photos. A photo tells so much about a person and their personality. At the very least, everyone should have a clear main photo without sunglasses and or a hat. I think workawayers should have a few photos of themselves uploaded, none of scenery pets etc. It’s the least they can do if they are staying in my home.

      • imma llopart
        imma llopart says:

        I totally agree with you! We too tend to contact people with pictures of themselves and not landscapes or pets or crazy selfies. Its also nice when the volunteers choose pictures where you can see them working, not just having fun!

  4. Gary Umstead
    Gary Umstead says:

    Nice website, I would like to request a way to sort by “most recent posting” as some of the posts here are quite dated and I am sure some have expired or the positions have been filled. Anyway to remove the old or outdated posts from hosts? Should the posting have a time limit and if necessary the host can repost to keep the posting current? Just a suggestion. Thanks

    • Chris
      Chris says:

      Hi Gary,

      The hosts are already listed by most recently updated or newest when you see them in a list. We write to hosts who have not updated or logged in to their profiles in the last 6 months to make sure they want to keep their account open. Most reply that they do want to stay as hosts, but if we do not hear back from them we deactivate the listing. Glad you are enjoying the site.

      • imma
        imma says:

        As a host, I also would like to see just updated travelers, I mean, when I open the website, on the right of the screen I can always see 5 random workawayers that want to travel to Spain…but some of them have very old log-in dates, sometimes they haven’t logged in for more than 6 months! I think you should just show randomly travelers with have logged in the last month as a maximum.
        On the other hand, many travelers tick nearly any country in the world, so this does not make very clear if they want to really travel to Spain or not, as their whish list is soooooo long! It would be useful if, at least, the had to list the 10 favorite places to go to. They could then also tick an “open to offers” case or something like this to show they are open to travel anywhere.
        It would also be useful to know where a helper is located at the moment,not only their nationality.
        And I agree with a comment made by another host that it would be interesting to know the gender of the workawayers!
        I hope all or some of these possibilities might become true, as this will facilitate the search a lot for us, the hosts!

        I want to thank you for such an amazing website, I can’t believe how helpful it’s for travelers and hosts!

  5. Rhiannon Dickson
    Rhiannon Dickson says:

    This comment doesn’t have anything to do with the post, but I’ve been trying to register for about a week but I can’t because it keeps telling me that I’ve been getting the captcha wrong. I also tried sending an email to tell you about this, but that required a captcha too. Anyway, hope I can register soon!

  6. Kirsten Bush
    Kirsten Bush says:

    I am registered as a host but I have forgotten my password. However, when I follow the instructions to reset my password, I do not receive any response. Please help because I am unable to reply to volunteers. Thank you and please let me know what to do

    • Chris
      Chris says:

      Hi Kirsten, I’ve just sent you an email with your reset password. We are concerned that orange are not delivering emails properly that come from directly from Workaway. Please make sure that you add addresses from and to your safe senders list in your email client or consider changing the address that you have registered with us to a non orange one!
      Happy New Year


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