Workaway Photo Competition Winner March 2014

We had a great response to the photo competition that we started on in March 2014. The competition runs every month with the winner each month receiving a cash prize. It’s great to see the different projects and places that people on the site are involved with and hopefully these pictures can inspire others to achieve their ambitions and either get some help with their projects or get travelling (and helping out along the way.)

To see the latest pictures added to the gallery, to enter the competition and have a chance of winning the €100 prize:

Here’s the winner for March:

Workaway Swing

A day off from my Workaway in Ecuador
Congratulations to Workawayer Sarah from United Kingdom
Sarah is our very first winner of the Workaway Travel competition.
We feel this photo really captures the Workaway spirit, the freedom of travel and living life to the full.
Well done Sarah. Keep on Workawaying :)

The following images we thought were great too and deserved a special mention as commended shots (in no particular order) :

Workaway Fields

Burning Fields
Image by:

Workaway Greek Seas

Greek Seas

Workaway Northern Lights Huskies

Image by:

Workaway Bikes

Group fun the winter forest!
Image by:

Workaway Kids

Eating in India
Image by:

Workaway Horses

Horses in Iceland winter
Image by:

Workaway Tribe

Women from Himba tribe looking at my necklace
Image by:

Workaway Walk

Volunteering in Chiro Village, Cambodia
This image is by:

Some great tips for travelling cheaply

tuk tuk workaway

Thanks to Sarah from the blog for allowing us to repost her great article about the methods she uses for travelling as cheaply as possible.

Here is a bit about her:

sarah“My name’s Sarah, I’m 25, I guess you could say I live in the UK, but I tend to avoid it quite successfully.

While writing a blog about my journey on a one way ticket through South America, just for my friends and family to keep up on, …

Workaway Photo Gallery & Competition

workaway photo competition

With hosts and Workawayers all over the world, we thought it would be interesting to have a picture gallery that showed the diversity and variety available when travelling. We have launched a new page on where registered users can upload shots that show how using the site has helped them either travel, experience new culture, get tasks done or learn a new language. In fact we’d love to see your best shots of anything travel or volunteer related.


Each …

Recent features added to

workaway host map rome

Happy 2014 from Workaway!

We have ticked over to a new year since the last post, hopefully 2014 is the year that you get to make that special trip or get to finish off the jobs that have been sitting around for too long. Happy new year to all the hosts and Workawayers who stop by here to read.

We try to improve the site regularly and have recently added a couple of features that should help Workawayers find hosts …

Spain, Portugal and beyond – Travels in a little van with Workaway

workaway journey

We always like to read about people using Workaway to help with their travelling. James and Cath are on the road in their van, motoring through the south of Europe, making use of Workaway to find places to stay and help. One of the best parts of Workawaying is the opportunity to see a place through the eyes of a local, and this article touches on just that. Thanks for letting us repost your article guys! To read more about …

Wendy on a Whim’s Workaway

workaway wendy

wendy on a whim

“During my drive home from Birmingham I was overtaken by the beautiful rolling farmland I saw from my car window. So overtaken in fact that one of the first things I did when I reached home was jump on the website Workaway and search under the keywords “farm” and the states I wanted to be in.”


We found Wendy’s blog post and loved reading about her stay on a farm in Kentucky that she found after the journey described …

Workaway’s New Look

workaway new look

We’ve made some changes

We recently changed the look of the site to try and make it a bit easier to use and have the information laid out better for users. We hope that it feels fresher, more modern and is still easy to find your way around!
The one major change is that the menus have moved.
You will find all the same pages in the drop down menus at the top of the page that were previously on …

Helping to Build Erdem’s Earthship through Workaway

workaway in turkey

We loved reading David and Austin’s blog about their travels, and are grateful that they have let us share it here in the Workaway blog.

Here is part of how they introduce themselves in their profile on Workaway, it’s a good example of how to write an introduction to hosts giving some history about themselves, what they hope to achieve while travelling and explaining what skills they have which could help hosts:

We are David and Austin and we

Earthcircuit – How Workaway helps the traveling experience

connections workaway

This blog comes from Andy, Dunia and their canine friend Vaga who are on an epic journey in their Dodge 50 (named Jigsaw) and have created a website to document their trip:

Our mission is now an unmission – with no clear ideas or focus; our future is as unknown as the countries before us are unfamiliar. Which is just how we like it.

One of our goals was to get a website going that inspires people

Gotta Globe – Mike and Amy’s Workaway Blog

bread feat img

Thanks to Mike and Amy for letting us repost their article. Their blog is well worth a read, you can find it here.

Working Away in Chambon Ste. Croix, France

After our trip to Italy and ‘the leisure life’ Amy and I decided to try something new and do some work while away. Before our departure Amy found a site that provides world wide working opportunities. Those interested just need to submit an online inquiry and when accepted …

From a Workawayer’s Perspective

skydive feat img

Thanks to Brandon for letting us post his great video, it tells the story of how a workaway opportunity could work from the volunteer’s perspective.

Here’s what he’s about from his website:

“Brandon is a travel addict, but he’s not your average traveler. No flowery hotel rooms, strict itineraries, or big budgets here. Brandon goes big, he goes hard, and he goes on the cheap. From wild festivals, getting down with nature, and diving head first into foreign cultures,

Workaway in Wales

wooden heart

Whilst Wales might not be as exotic as some of the locations you can find on the site, there are many great hosts situated in this beautiful region, many around the famous Snowdonia National Park. We found ourselves in North Wales during July at the height of the summer heatwave, and have spent some of our time visiting Workaway hosts and enjoying the beautiful beaches around this area. What a difference the sun can make! :-)

We visited John and …

A Workaway Experience Video

Video creator

We’ve just found this great video by Cayetana from Malaga who has been workawaying in Turkey and made a short film all about her experiences there.

We think this sums up really well how the site works.

Thanks to Cayetana and her crew for making and posting this :)

Be a Workawayer: An Affordable Travel Option


Thanks to Gina Minick from Conneaut, Ohio, USA for writing all about her trip to New Zealand which was planned using workaway to find host families to stay with there.

This article illustrates very well the process of organising a journey and the way that anyone regardless of age can use the site.


Using Workaway to travel to the other side of the world

January, 2012

Resolved: We will travel to New Zealand. For me it was the …

Live Small, Dream Big’s Workaway post


Thanks to Debs from who wrote this article on her blog, and let us re-post it here.

We are currently working on an article all about how travelling has been changed by the internet age, which Debs touches upon in her post. We would be interested to hear what you think about how the process and challenges of travelling have been changed for the better or worse by the march of technology.

Workaway: Amazing volunteer opportunities is my …

Michelle’s Secret for Low Cost and Relaxing Traveling

sheep on a bike

We recently came across this interesting blog post written by Michelle on her blog. The article explains how she set about travelling on a budget, the sacrifices that sometimes have to be made before leaving and some good tactics once she was on the road.

My secrets to low cost traveling

Like many, I love traveling, immersing myself in a new culture, meeting people and learning from their perspectives on life, experiencing an alternative way to living, and above …

Falling in Love with Workaway

anteros, brother of eros

Here’s a quick Valentine’s day post to say congratulations to Kelly and Jason who have just got married!

What’s that got to do with Workaway? You might well ask. Well, as far as we know, this is the first wedding of a couple who met because of Workaway!

Jason, who worked as a farmer in Indiana, took a year out to see the world and ended up helping out with a host in Southern Spain.
Kelly was a host …

Volunteering at a Chocolate Farm in Costa Rica


Thanks to Evelien and Tine, the authors of this post, who are travelling in Central America at the moment, mostly using Workaway to find ecological projects. They have been volunteering in the Costa Rican jungle at a chocolate farm and have written about their experiences there.

Chocolate in one form or another has been around since about 1100BC, but was in the form of a drink in its earliest incarnation. The Spanish conquistadors brought it back after their conquest of …

Focus on Surfing Opportunities with Workaway

surf shop waxing board

Learning New Skills

One of the great aspects of Workaway is the possibility of learning new skills by contributing your time and expertise. In this post we decided to look into the various chances to develop or learn the ability to surf. Having lessons can be expensive, but by choosing a Workaway host that is involved with surf schools or that can share their knowledge of surfing, those expenses can be paid for through volunteering.

Some History of Surfing

The …

Focus on Natural Building Techniques and Opportunities

log cabin

Happy New Year to all in the Workaway world! The first article of 2013 is courtesy of Jo Crowson who also wrote the Permaculture ones late last year. For this blog she is looking at the options and possibilities to get involved with ‘natural building’ projects through Workaway, and also examining what sort of work is involved in these enterprises. Thanks to Jo for writing this informative blog.

Natural building is a broad term that covers any building technique that …

How to be a great volunteer – One host’s perspective

two girls gardening

We like to hear about the different perspectives and expectations that people involved with Workaway have.

Listening to the voice of someone involved as a host with Workaway can give us an idea of the benefits and challenges that are involved in having a volunteer stay.

This blog post was written by Nicola who has hosted many volunteers at her place and shares some of her thoughts about the characteristics of a useful Workawayer.

How to Lend a Helping Hand…

Focus on Permaculture with Workaway – Part Two

hands holding heart shaped fruit

In the second part of our discussion about permaculture, Jo talks about the types of volunteering work you might expect to be doing as a host, and also some more thoughts on the philosophy behind permaculture. Here’s the link to the 1st part if you missed it.

- – – – -

Reskilling Through Permaculture

Over the last few decades we have become increasingly busy outside the home, leading to the loss of many traditional skills including things that used to be

Focus on Permaculture with Workaway – Part One


I’ve been impressed recently by how many permaculture projects are signing up to Workaway, looking for volunteers to help in the garden and with the development of what looks like a great healthy way to grow in more ways than one!

Here Jo Crowson, a Workaway host and permaculture enthusiast explains a bit more about it and how you can get involved using Workaway.

Jo has been dabbling in permaculture for many years, finally got round to doing the …

Focus on Sailing and Boating Opportunities with Workaway

Schooner in Malaysia

Mention sailing and the chances are most of us will conjure up romantic images of wind in the hair freedom on the waves. But mention sailing to someone who has owned a boat and the response will likely be more measured.

Maintaining a boat requires dedication, commitment and hard work, but the rewards are commensurate.

Finding the time to dedicate to the upkeep of any boat can be challenging, more so with wooden hulled vessels, and the addition of an …

Workaway Team Visit to Portugal


Last week we took some time out to visit a few hosts in Portugal. Sometimes it’s useful to be able to get away and really see the Workaway experience happening and be able to speak to hosts directly. It enables us to listen to opinions about the site and think about changes that maybe need to be made and of course to meet workawayers “in the field” to listen to their stories and hear about other Workaway experiences

30th Birthday in Thailand with Workaway

30th birthday

Our latest blog has been written by Alex from a project in Thailand. Alex has her own travel sites which are listed at the end of the post on this page. She has been traveling for some time now, and has been using Workaway recently to help. Happy 30th Birthday to Alex!

Recycling in Thailand

One of my big goals for my 30th birthday was to make even the smallest bit of positive change in the world.
Fortunately, I was …

Travelettes – Backpacking in Heels with Workaway


Launched in 2009, Travelettes is an online magazine / travelblog / network for and from girls who love to travel.

They have plenty of interesting information there, it’s well worth taking a look at.

Gesa has written an article on their site all about Workaway.

Here’s the beginning of the piece:

When most people think of the word “holiday”, it usually includes the picture of a fancy hotel, a white beach, a palm tree and laziness.

Unfortunately, this kind of

Helping – Like a Ranch Hand

peas pod

We’ve found another blog written from British Columbia in Canada, but not out in the wilderness this time. Rene the “Repurposed Redhead” writes from a ranch there and how her Workaway exchange went. From helping with the pigs to tending to the garden, it sounds earthy!
Here’s the link to her stylish looking blog

A bit about her:

I’ve had a fairly normal life thus far, nothing too out of the ordinary. In fact, my life was pretty great

Wilderness Dweller


This blog came to our attention recently and illustrates perfectly how the Workaway site can allow you to experience lifestyles that would be completely out of reach normally.

Chris Czajkowski is an amazing woman. She has lived in the mountains of British Columbia, completely off of the grid for the last 30 years.

She built her first cabins mostly alone, felling the trees and dragging them with a come-along, 150 miles from the nearest banks, traffic lights, supermarkets or cell

How Workaway Made Me a Better Traveler


We always appreciate hearing how people who use the site get along on their travels.

Jessica, who has been using Workaway for some time, wrote to us explaining the influence that the site has had on her attitude to travelling and the way that difficulties she encountered have actually improved her as a person.

Her blog is listed below. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with us Jessica.

When Brent and I began our first Workaway exchange

VickyFlipFlop’s Workaway Experiences


VickyFlipFlop is a 20something travel writer and adventurer who has been using Workaway recently. She has written an article on her blog about her experiences that also includes some good tips about writing profiles and safety concerns, it’s well worth a read.…

Workawaying in Argentina

Log Cabin

We came across this blog recently written by Lora about her and her partner’s Argentinian Workaway experiences helping to build a log cabin (amongst other things) and arguing with overcharging taxi drivers.

It’s a colourful and interesting read.…

10 Reasons Why Volunteering & Travelling Work


Whilst travelling in Asia, searching for more hosts and visiting friends, I bumped into Alice, a Workawayer who had used the site last year to travel through Europe. She was so enthusiastic and full of energy about her time workawaying and asked if she could contribute. So here you go, 10 reasons why volunteering is the best way to travel:

Almost every one of us dream of traveling the world for a number of different reasons, but what really separates

Using Workaway to Travel with Children

two sloths

We often get enquires about whether it’s possible for families to use the website and workaway.

 Whilst of course sometimes it can be more difficult to find a host (look for hosts who also have children) it’s by no means impossible. Many families have enjoyed and benefited from volunteering in all corners of the world.

 Here’s a story from a Workawaying family who ended up in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica:


And now for something completely different

My partner and

Building a Sustainable Cob House in Ecuador


This recently came to our attention, and is interesting and inspiring in equal measures. The author of this blog is workawaying on a project near Quito in Ecuador, helping to build a house made from cob. I didn’t know what cob was, but it’s all informatively explained here.…

Working @ Workaway

Even though we are all used to working online in “virtual teams”, it is sometimes very helpful to get together in real life to exchange ideas, talk about things and – last but not least – get to know each other better and have some fun :-)

So this month I had the chance to get away from my regular daily life in my home office to go visit David in Spain for a week. After having met in Germany a …

Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand

Mother and baby elephants in Thailand

We’ve been having a bit of a heavy week here in the Workaway virtual office. All sorts of server problems and technical tantrums.  I guess as the site grows it’s all to be expected.  Anyway the final solution is that we’ve made the decision to change hosting companies along with several new upgrades which should mean site speed problems and crashes will be a thing of the past.

During this time our good friend and one of our favourite …

Workaway is not just for students and gap years


Here at Workaway it is inspiring to see how many “older” workawayers are using the site and it seems that the word is spreading.

Many people who have had a fulfilling career and learnt many useful skills along the way have either become disillusioned with the monotony of routine or are taking the opportunity to do now what they wish they had done when younger but for whatever reason did not. That being… to see the world and travel!

Of course we´re not talking here …

La Página Del Viajero – Traveller’s Page

Workaway Horses

Workaway is all about experiencing different cultures and languages, so we love it when we find articles written about us from far off places. Here’s an article written in Spanish from Redbox innovation which is apparently a big site based in central America.

How to Use the Workaway Program


We love hearing adventures and stories from workawayers as well as hosts. Often we find great blogs about what’s been happening in Workaway world. This week we´ve found A Nomad’s Adventure: How to Use the Workaway Program where the authors discuss the merits of Workaway and how to utilise it.

In their own words:

“This blog is our way of sharing our travel experiences. We are a young couple who have decided to embark on an adventure and see where

Help for single parents and working people


One very interesting, perhaps unexpected development of the workaway scheme is how helpful it is proving to be to single or working parents. At 11 and 14, my kids were quite capable of fending for themselves for short periods of time… but when a particularly heavy work schedule loomed, which meant being out for when the kids arrived back from school 3 days a week and not returning home until after supper-time, I decided to put the word out …

Workaway: The importance of making a good profile


So this month I´m in Mexico city, visiting friends and using the time to work hard and think of new ways of promoting the page and attracting more hosts!! This is one great city … nothing like the media like to present!…Yeah sure it´s got its problems but I´m a campo boy.. I´m just loving the modern architecture the endless possiblities , the madness and of course the food! Tortillas, tacos, tostadas I just love it all! Of course, …

What is Workaway?

Workaway is a site set up to promote fair exchange between travellers (workawayers) and hosts who are families, individuals or organisations looking for help with a range of activities.

Our philosophy is simple: A few hours honest help a day in exchange for food and accommodation and an opportunity to learn about local lifestyles.

On this blog we aim to share stories and experiences from hosts and workawayers as well as allowing the people behind the organisation to communicate ideas and tips.

Work abroad, integrate into local cultures, learn a language, acquire new skills, make new friends through Workaway

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