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5 Irresistible workaway experiences to give back to the world

You all know by now how Workaway works and the benefits of volunteering compared to aimless travel, so we won’t go on about that again, but sometimes it’s just nice to highlight some of the 28,000+ hosts in over 155 countries we now have online – especially the ones that are really making a difference to our planet and are giving back to the local communities.

Voluntourism: selfless or selfish?

Is it better to stay home rather than participate in voluntourism? Was I making a positive impact by volunteering abroad? Or was I simply hurting the very people I was trying to help? Was my presence an act of neo-colonialism?
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The Whole World in Two Tiny Hands: Homeschooling with Workaway

Kids are the best teachers of life and to teach kids is both a challenge and an adventure. We have homeschooled our children for six years. During that time we travelled a lot, exposing them to varied cultures and lifestyles, yet it was only when we started hosting Workawayers that the dynamics of our homeschooling experience has changed so much for the better.

Should I sign up as a host on workaway?

Am I too old to host on workaway? Or too young? Who would want to come to my area? What if I don’t speak English that well? Too much of this, not enough of that? Here's a short list of potential self-doubts or preconceptions a new host might have with solutions to overcome them.

8 Awesome types of accommodation that you could be staying in on your next Workaway

While living and travelling around the world we’ve been fortunate enough to see some amazing places, amazing people and amazing food. But when it comes to accommodation we are shocked daily by the sheer amount of damn right awesome places there are to stay in the world. And some of them are even right here on Workaway ready and waiting for people like YOU to stay in. Here are 8 that have caught our eye recently..
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5 Workaway myths that stop you from travelling long term on a budget

The travellers’ circuit changes almost daily..through all your travelling stories and photos, we're inspired to debunk some myths we've heard about Workaway to help you all understand exactly what we are all about.
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10 steps to being a great Workaway host

Before even embarking on the experience a host needs to be prepared mentally and practically for a visitor- it’s not always easy sharing your space or adapting to someone else’s. Here we've got a 10 point step-by-step guide to help you get the most of out of your experience as a host...

How I got ‘rich’ from travelling around the world

We’ve heard it all before – ‘I quit my job to travel the world’, but what is it really like when you are actually doing it? When you stop earning a guaranteed salary and start travelling without a wage? We decided to ask someone that knows all too well on how to really live off pennies, and the rewards that come with doing Workaway exchange.
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How To Be A Good Workaway Guest and Always Get Invited Back

Be a good guest by following some of the advice here to make your Workaway stay an enjoyable and productive one where both hosts and volunteers benefit
Travel family volunteer

Family Travel with Workaway

“The magic happens once you step outside the comfort zone” ! Here's why it’s worth the effort to take your family off on an adventure of a life-time...

Is Workaway right for you?

Thanks to Laura Pollard for allowing us to repost her article.  "Hi,…

If a Volunteer Placement Does Not Go Well, What Do You Do?

Thanks to Susan for sending us her question based blog post.…

Workaway experiences: The pros & cons of volunteer exchanges

Ilaria is the 'Girl with a suitcase' and has kindly allowed us…
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Chris and Sarah's Workaway Experience in Mexico

Here at the Workaway blog, we like to read traveller's stories…
Workaway 10 reasons

10 good reasons to use Workaway to travel for longer for less

Here's a great article written by Mandie all about how Workaway…
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Volunteering Abroad in Mexico via

Jackie Laulainen is a travel blogger and podcaster at…
Video creator

A Workaway Experience Video

We've just found this great video by Cayetana from Malaga who…

Be a Workawayer: An Affordable Travel Option

Thanks to Gina Minick from Conneaut, Ohio, USA for writing…

Live Small, Dream Big's Workaway post

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Volunteering at a Chocolate Farm in Costa Rica

Thanks to Evelien and Tine, the authors of this post, who are…
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Focus on Surfing Opportunities with Workaway

  Learning New Skills One of the great aspects of…
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Focus on Natural Building Techniques and Opportunities

Happy New Year to all in the Workaway world! The first article…
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How to be a great volunteer - One host's perspective

We like to hear about the different perspectives and expectations…
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Focus on Permaculture with Workaway - Part Two

In the second part of our discussion about permaculture, Jo talks…

Focus on Permaculture with Workaway - Part One

I've been impressed recently by how many permaculture projects…
Schooner in Malaysia

Focus on Sailing and Boating Opportunities with Workaway

Mention sailing and the chances are most of us will conjure…
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Helping – Like a Ranch Hand

We've found another blog written from British Columbia in Canada,…
Log Cabin

Workawaying in Argentina

We came across this blog recently written by Lora about…
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Using Workaway to Travel with Children

We often get enquires about whether it's possible for families…